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Your Questions Answered


Are newborns covered?

Newborns are typically covered under their mother’s insurance between 30-60 days after birth.  Insurance must be notified about the newborn for coverage during this period.  Contact your insurance company to make arrangements.  Well visits starting at 2 months of age will not be covered under mother’s insurance.

Do you accept self pay?

We accept self paying patients, fees can be provided upon request.

How are appointments scheduled?

Well Child, Sick visits and follow ups can be scheduled with our front desk staff on a daily basis.  Same day appointments are offered.

What is your policy for completion of forms?  Is there a fee?

All Forms must be submitted 3-5 days prior to deadline.  We request payment be made when dropping off forms or through the website online payment option (coming soon).  Please provide us with an email address or fax number if you would like them to be directly faxed, otherwise the office will contact you when the forms are complete and ready for pick up.  Forms will not be faxed/returned without receiving payment.  Please keep in mind, we can only complete forms for those patients who have been seen for wellness visit in the last 365 days.        

Send forms to: or Fax to 732-574-0907

Email is only used for forms/documents/immunization records.

If you emailed or faxed forms, please follow up with office to ensure we received them.


- Physical Forms: $5.00

- College Packets: $10.00

- FMLA and Medical Necessity $25.00

- Work Papers: No fee

- Medical Records fee varies.  We will let you know upon request.

What is your policy regarding referrals/ prior authorizations?

Referrals and prior authorizations must be requested 3 days prior to the scheduled appointment.  Please contact our front desk to arrange the request and have the specialist's information available.  Additionally, if the specialist is requesting any medical information, please let us know in advance so we can have it faxed prior to your child's appointment.

Do you provide lab services?

We provide in house rapid tests (Influenza, Strep, COVID 19), Strep cultures, Genital cultures, wound cultures, and Point of Care Urinalysis and Pregnancy tests.  We recommend LabCorp or Quest for routine bloodwork based on your insurance.

I don’t have my insurance card with me, can I still receive treatment?

We ask that all insurance information be up to date and verified prior to your appointment time.  Your appointment will be delayed and may be cancelled if insurance is not verified at the time of your appointment.

Up to what age do you accept at your office??

We see newborns up to the age of 23 years old.  We do not accept new patients over the age of 18 years old.  We will continue to see established patients until 23 years old.  Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by guardian or authorized adult during visit.

Do you have separate areas for sick and well patients?

Yes.  We have two separate entrances and waiting rooms for sick and well patients. We have 2 designated rooms and a bathroom for sick patients only.  Based on scheduling, if there are no well visits, we may use the well side to see sick patients.  Also, if there are no sick visits scheduled, we may use the sick side for well visits.  All rooms are cleaned and sanitized prior to each use.

Are vaccinations mandatory during well visits?

We have always practiced evidence based medicine and are up to date with current literature and guidelines.  We follow American Academy of Pediatrics recommended immunization schedule for every child we take care of with no exceptions.  We will no longer be accepting families that do not vaccinate. We are flexible with scheduling your child's vaccinations within the guidelines that work for you and your family.  

What's your cancellation policy?

We kindly ask that you cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment time, and 2 hours prior to a same day appointment.  There will be a $10 fee for no shows and appointments that are not cancelled on time.

What hospitals are you affiliated with?

We are currently affiliated with JFK Medical Center in Edison, NJ.  We will soon have affiliation with St. Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.

Do you have Electronic Medical Records (EMR)?

We currently use paper based charting. We hope to transition to EMR in 2022.

Does your office take Credit Cards?

We take all forms of payment: cash, checks, and credit cards.

Does your office offer Ear Piercings?

Yes, we offer ear piercings at our office for established patients only. There is a $95.00 fee.  Unfortunately, ear piercings are not covered by insurance.

We ask that you arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.  We will apply numbing cream to your child's ear lobes to make the experience more pleasant for them.  

How often does my child need to see the pediatrician?

We follow the recommended AAP guidelines for Well Visits.  
Click the following link to view the recommended schedule.

What insurances does your office take?

We take most insurances, except Medicaid.  Contact the office for any insurance inquiries.

Can I pay invoices or payments online?

We will soon have an option to pay online.  All copayments must be paid in person by cash/check/credit cards.  Please check back for updates.

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